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where do you get programming assistance / hints

So, what's the correct forum to ask for programming assistance / sample code for SRP controls.

eg: I have a need to do the following:

I'm using the SRP control / editline to create the very nice flowing dropdown:
Whilst that's all nice - the customer wants the ability of being able to search on many more elements and hence my thoughts are to add a button (red circle), whereupon I can call my own popup / search box to extend that functionality

Is there some magic facility/ utility in SRP that'll allow me to code this - and or what's the correct approach when mixing SRP controls with the good old OI?



  • The SRP Button should do this well enough for you. SRP Buttons, when using a tooltip style (see the Style property), do not pull focus away from the current control, which is ideal in these circumstances. As for look and feel, you can set the BackVisible property to 0 to make no button background. Then use any red circular icon you desire and you're all set.
  • Kevin the circle is just the snagit icon - I'm doing a button.
    Thanks for the feedback, will try this tomorrow.

    So, where do you guys have same code - ala how Bob Carten creates when he explains something?

  • I am a bit confused as to what you are asking for. You just want a button that fires an event right? Just like any other button except that it won't mess with focus? Have you not used our button before?
  • Martin,

    As far as where you should post questions, the best place would be in the forum that uses the control you are trying to use. In the case where you are not certain which control would best be used, then this "General Discussion" forum would be fine.

    By referencing Bob Carten's code snippets, I get the impression you are expecting some dedicated page where we post these kinds of helpful samples. We had considered that but then realized we have too many portals where various tips, helps, and code samples can be found so we abandoned what was our "Product Articles" section of this site. Instead, you will find our code examples either posted in the relevant forums here or in our blog articles.
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