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BASIC Plus Commands > OpenInsight Properties DEFPROP

How do i find the Openinsight properties page from the BASIC Plus Commands.
I didn't know it existed, wondering what else is 'hidden'
If I do a search on 'DEFPROP' I am shown DEFPROP info with the link showing as Main Page > BASIC Plus Commands > OpenInsight Properties DEFPROP


  • Barry,

    As you discovered, we are busy adding more Programmer's Reference Guide content to our wiki site. However, the Properties (and other topics) are not finished so we have not yet exposed a landing page for them. We hired a monkey (aka sister-in-law to one of our developers) to create the content but she can only work on this in her spare time. It's a bit of grunt work so the progress is a bit slow.
  • lol, ok all good
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