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Client Installer for controls for 64 bit Windows

Before I embark on another needless wheel re-invention adventure, do any of you by chance have an NSIS script for installing and registering the OLE controls on 64 bit Win 7 machines that you would like to share?

Once upon a time setting up a new client was a simple process, and running OLEAutoReg.exe off the server was all that needed to be done to get the SRP Controls up and running. Time moves on and the new hardware we are getting has 64 bit Win 7, which is a bit more picky about who can install what, and where.

My understanding is that on 64-bit Win 7 systems, 32 bit ocx's should go into C:\Windows\SysWOW64 on the local machine. However, when we tried to manually register them in that location we got an error. What seemed to work was to copy them to a regular folder such as C:\Revsoft\AppName. They registered without errors and when the application was executed off the server the SRP controls worked. But it is obviously way too tedious to manually elevate the permissions and register them one by one.

If any of you would like to share a script (or even a piece of one) that illustrates the correct way to do this it would be greatly appreciated.



  • Jim,

    We do have a script. I believe if you download our NSIS Utilities from our Downloads page it will include a template that you can use. Please note that a script won't override permissions, but it will request them to be elevated for you. So there is some convenience going this route. It just depends on how many clients you need to support.
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