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multi lines

I've noticed that if I set a column type to 'P'review then a crlf will allow for displaying of multiple lines.
However it doesn't work if a column is just a normal text field.

Is there any way to display multiple lines in a plain text column?


  • Mark,

    By "normal" do you mean no line mark delimiters of any kind? Are you looking for word-wrapping?
  • by normal I meant a 'text' column as opposed to a 'preview' column.
    If its just a matter of choosing the right line mark delimiters, that's easy.

    It's just that I noticed crlf worked when I switched the column to a preview column. I wasn't looking for that at the time, it just happened that one of my records had a crlf in the text and two lines appeared when I made the column a preview.
  • Mark,

    Ah..in that case, no. Only Preview mode provides this kind of display.
  • Ok thanks.

    Now I don't need to go trying different delimiters just in case... :-)
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