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Group totals

If I predefine columns to group by, and other columns are set to total, the totals of columns set to SUM display OK.
If I drag the columns back to the body of the display, ungrouping them, and then re-group them, the totals do not display.
In another form it works OK, so strange for one form not to.

Not sure yet on the cause, I will check if I can see a difference, but any ideas?



  • Have you found out anything more on this. I haven't run into it before, and I haven't been able to recreate in my test environment. I can ungroup/regroup quite liberally without issue.
  • I have now checked and found the cause of the problem.
    I was using "ColumnFooterText" to manually calculate the totals, and display in the footer.
    Setting this to null causes the ColumnFormula to be lost on a subsequent refresh of the data, and hence the totals disappear.

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