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installing FW 14.0.0

have just installed Frameworks into a blank 0.4 OI
have followed instructions as per your wiki
kick off the app to test the admin login screen and we get this:


  • Martin,

    That is strange. Can you verify a few things for me?

    Is there a $ISWINDOWVISIBLE row in the SYSOBJ table?
    Is there a DLL_USER32 row in the SYSPROCS table?
    If so, do you see the following in this row:
    INT STDCALL IsWindowVisible(HANDLE)

    The reason this is strange is because Revelation is the source for the IsWindowVisible WinAPI pointer in my system. I did include this in the FrameWorks 14.0.0 RDK, so that makes it even more odd.

    If you see the above line in the DLL_USER32 record, then log into SYSPROG and enter the following in the System Monitor:
    Then relaunch FrameWorks and let me know if that fixes your problem.
  • SYSPROCS/$ISWINDOWVISIBLE is not in system
    the sysprocs/dll_users32 - all facts correct
    executed the DECLARE_FCNS - and then the application worked

    thank you
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