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Grouping columns

When you specify GroupOrder, the columns are grouped, but the columns themselves are shown in the table.

When you drag a column from the column table to the group area, the grouping occurs as expected, but the column no longer is shown in the table.

Is there any way to keep the column visible when dragging to the grouping area.



  • Unfotunately, no. Not currently. I'll have to update the report table to support this, or minimally provide an even that fires when the user changes the grouping so you can respond by reshowing the column.
  • Providing an Event would be good.
    A property which keeps the column visible on grouping would be better.

    There is already an event which is fired, OnSelChange, but this fires on other triggers too.

    I have added a workaround, as below, which seems to resolve for my situation, enforcing the column being visible, after dragging to the group area which makes it invisible.
    The check is needed to prevent a loop.

    FOR Column=1 TO DCOUNT(ColumnList,@FM)
    IF NOT(Visible) THEN
    CALL Set_Property(CtrlEntId,"OLE.ColumnVisible[":Column:"]",1)
    NEXT Column
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