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CellMultiLined view

I have a table with 5 rows, for entering text, and these are set to CellMultiLined=True

When the cell has focus the linefeeds are fine, and the Control-Tabs show.
When the cell loses focus, the linefeeds still are OK, but the Control-Tabs are lost.
Is there any way top preserve these for visual impact.

Screen below, with same text in SH2 and SH3


  • hi, this looks like what I want to be able to do. How did you get each cell to contain and show multiple lines?

    Sorry for not answering your question, but your post is extremely helpful to me.
  • @josh Colin mentioned the CellMultiLined property in this post, which is what I think you are looking for. I gather this will also help you with your other thread.
  • edited February 2019
    @ DonBakke yes, I understand now.

    But i don't think it will work, as the number of lines in each cell varies.

    So one cell might have 3 lines of text, and another 10 lines of text, and so on.
    In Colin's example, each contains 3 lines.
  • So you want the height of the row to grow dynamically as the user enters new lines?
  • The row height can be resized by the user as needed.
    I also have an even on the row button on the left, eg MH, which resizes that cell to the full size of the table.
    Works nicely.
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