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Sending an Email to Multiple Recipients

Is it faster to send one email to multiple recipients rather than an individual email to each recipient?

I may have as many as 100 recipients I need to send an email to. I'd prefer to send the one email with a semi-column delimited list of recipient email addresses.


  • I suppose it depends on where your SMTP email server resides. If the email server is on your own network, it probably won't matter since that one email is going to become 100 emails piped through your upload.

    However, if your SMTP email server is hosted elsewhere, sending 1 email is fastest for your local network.

    The call to SRP_Send_Mail is so computationally small that the BASIC+ performance is a non-issue either way. This is more of a network resources issue.
  • Be careful with this as well. If you rapid fire 100 emails out, some outside hosted mail services can flag you as being a spammer.

    In a case like this, I'd bundle up logic groups within the 100, add them as BCC recipients, and send out maybe just 4 or 5 emails to be on the safe side.
  • Phil,

    I agree with Frank. Over several years of sending email broadcasts from RetailWare we have had a number of problems with our outgoing emails being blocked. Often in our case we were sending many more than 100. Our solution was to send one at a time. But even that was blocked when the number sent got large. We found that adding a one second delay between sent mail solved the problem.
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