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Status Window covers entire SRP Editor Window including toolbar and command line

One of our programmers is having trouble with the SRP editor. Somehow he has managed to get his status window to fill the entire srp_editor main window, it even covers up the button bar and command line.

Pressing F7 hides the window, but after every compile the status window covers everything up again. Can't find the the slider to shrink the window back down.

Tried upgrading to the latest 2.7.1 version but still have the same problem.

Any suggestions.


  • Dave,

    The height is stored in the StatusHeight string located in this Registry path:


    It probably has a relatively large number. Change it to 86 and open the SRP Editor again.
  • I experienced the same problem.
    Unfortunately I can't remember what I did to rectify it. Same as I can't remember how it happened in the first place.
    So the little I can offer is, you can get it back to normal with some sequence of steps. Maybe try removing it from the 'View' options.
    Sorry I can't offer a solution but maybe I can offer a glimmer of hope.
  • Well, Mark, hopefully my response gives you something to refer to if it happens again.

    I suppose it is possible that some unexpeted circumstances causes the SRP Editor to stuff a large number into the registry. But it could also happen if the user ran on a high resolution, resized the status bar, and then lowered the resolution. This would make it impossible to get to the slider bar to restore the height.
  • Hi Don,

    I think your suggestion may have kind of been the way I resolved it, ie I moved the editor to a second higher resolution monitor and manually restored the height. I believe though the original cause was something as simple as a compile though that just sent everything a little haywire.
    I usually have two monitors with different resolutions but the difference is not enough for the status bar to go from a small fraction of the bottom of the screen to covering the whole screen. Something else was at play.
  • Thanks Don, all fixed now.
  • Well I just did this somehow in my editor. However, in Windows 10, there are no SRP records in HKCU/Software. I searched on StatusHeight and it was not found in the registery. Is there some other record that I can edit?
  • I'm not sure why you can't find it. I'm on Windows 10 and am looking at it right now. Indeed, the SRP Editor couldn't function if Windows 10 was preventing access to the registry at this location. There must be something else preventing you from seeing it. Perhaps a third-party entity is re-routing registry settings somewhere else?
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