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Mail Utility Invalid Account

I recently installed the Mail Utility at a client. When the SYSPROG account displayed, I had no password to enter but when I tried t proceed to got an error message that this was an invalid account. Since I've installed the mail utility in the past I must have missed something. Any suggestions?


  • Phil, I am not aware of the installer displaying that message. I have seen "Invalid username or password", which displays even if I enter an invalid application (account) name. Are you sure that is the message you got?
  • I am not able to cut and paset the screen image within this box but the message comes up when prompting for User and Password and SYSPROG auto fill for the Username. There is no password on the OI app and I usually just continue and accept SYSPROG with no password.

    Hopefully that helps.
  • Phil,

    Cut and paste is not supported in this forum (which would be nice, or even drag-n-drop the way GMail supports it). You can, however, upload an image file and then use a link to bring the image into the post. Each forum has a sticky post that gives you instructions for making this happen. I have taken the screen shot you sent me via email and put it in this post:

    Now, I am confused as to whether this is still a problem. Are you still getting error messages?
  • Yes it is. I have not returned to this install. Leaving the default entry as 'SYSPROG' and Password as blank, upon clicking the Install button I get the mesage about an invalid username\account. It was at a client site.
  • Phil,

    I recently experienced this problem, although it was with a new SRP Editor installer. What surprised me was that I had just ran the installer successfully. I was then able to discover that OENGINE.exe was still running as a process in the Task Manager. Killing OENGINE.exe (or restarting the machine) allowed the installer to work again. Can you confirm if this appears to be your problem? In the meantime we are looking into why the engine is remaining in memory. This is a new behavior.

  • Phil,

    If you are able to check into this, also see if the installer itself is still running as a process. I just discovered this on my end and after closing the installer via the Task Manager my engine also closed. I am now beginning to suspect that the root problem is with the installer failing to close down properly.
  • This goes back to my not being able to install the SRP Mail Utility. I manually install each of the SRP ocx files successfully for the SRP OLE Controls but the SRP Mail utility continues to display an error message when I install it. I get it at the point where the dialog box promps for application and password. The default SYSPROG displays and no password. I click to the button to continue and get the ‘Invalid Application’ message. It has happened on more than one client’s server. The title bar of the message indicate SRP Mail Utility 1.2.
    I’ve been able to install it many times in the past. Is this something with Windows 7, or may something on the PC be blocking this, or am I entering something wrong?
  • Phil,

    Did you review what I wrote about this issue? There appears to be a problem with the install and OENGINE.exe remaining in the Task Manager and this causes installers to fail the next time around. I asked you to confirm if this was what you experienced.

    We do not yet know why this is happening, but if the cause of your issue is the same as my issue then at least we can focus on one common source rather than trying to solve two mysteries.
  • What 'installer' are you referring to? This is a manual OI install on the server ( a copy), the install of the UD 4.7, and then the install of the SRP Mail Utility. Let me know what you are referring to and I'll look for it.
  • Phil,

    In context I was referring to the SRP Mail Utility installer. Howver, upon reflection, it can be any installer that we created or even your own custom install...as long as this installer requires OpenEngine to be launched in the background.

    Even if this situation does not apply to you, before running the SRP Mail Utility installer double-check the Task Manager and make sure there are no running instances of OENGINE.exe. For grins and giggles you can check for any entries starting with 'SRP'. Those would most likely be an installer session that was left hanging.
  • The next time I install the SRP Mail Utility I will check the Task Manager as suggested. In this case today we created a new folder on the server for the OI app, copied OI with the clients OENGINE.dll, installed the UD 4.7, and then ran the SRP Mail Utility. Maybe it was the UD installer?. I'll check and let you know next time.
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