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When opening program, get message about Invalid Build Date

On my PC when I'm bring up want to open a program I'm getting message about an "Invalid Build Date".

At the moment not seeing this message on other workstation. I was showing on the Server, but not now. Strange...

I'm running OI94 on a Windows 7 machine. I haven't log off or rebooted yet.



  • I logged off OI, etc. and all seemed ok for now. Sorry to bother you.

  • This is happening with the SRP Editor? Perhaps reinstalling it on the copy of OI will help? It might be that one module is not as up to date as the others.
  • Hey Kevin,
    We crossed path :-)

    I logged off OI and back and things are back to normral for now.

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Just very strange however.
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