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Version 1.0.2 RC1 Available

I added a few more refinements which just built upon the enhancements introduced in v1.0.1. If you are a licensed customer and are interested in testing this release candidate please send an email to support@srpcs.com.

Please review the version history first. Since this release will refresh your SRP_HTTP_FRAMEWORK_SETUP configuration record, it will likely impact your existing application. You will want to back this up and merge with the new version after installing the update.


  • What is Realm?
  • It is used with the WWW-Authenticate response header when some form of authentication is used. It's been in the product from the beginning, but the Realm value was hard-coded in HTTP_Authentication_Services. I believe we swapped out the default value (SRPFrameWorks) with your client's name. You should confirm.

    Typically you see the Realm value appear in website authentication dialog boxes. It is displayed in a label. Here is a screen shot where "Fake Realm" is used:

  • Not changin' nuffin. If it ain't broke don't fix it
  • LOL. Did you not install v1.0.1 either?

    For what it is worth, I don't consider either of these updates critical, although I do think they make some configuration changes to the application much easier. However, as you have shared already, those changes already exist in a slightly different format in your code so it really is a case of "if it ain't broke don't fix it".
  • I have installed into another base development system, which I will use if a similar job comes up.
    Still in a client test environment. Not me delaying golive, the web front has not been completed satisfactorily yet.

    The big worry is GoLIve and I will than have to try and remember how I configured all the IIS stuff (incl rewrite rules). Hopefully it will just be a matter of visual comparing the 2 and changing appropriately.
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