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Command Line Params to OI params

Okay so looking into the possibility of the Application Launcher, we utilise the OI user account to determine some parameters for the running of our software, is it possible or can it be made possible that I could specify the executable and then a parameter that would be used via a template item in the INI file?

Regular command : "OINSIGHT.exe /AP=TEST /UN=USER01" where the "01" in user is required at the time of launch otherwise defaults to 01. So the user would run "SRPApp.exe 01" or SRPApp.exe 02" or just "SRPApp.exe" etc

along the lines of USER=USER$0 or something in the INI?

just a thought, if it can, we would be interested in using the launcher, thanks.


  • Aaron,

    There is no support for what you are describing. However, you can create multiple copies of the launcher .EXE (e.g., MyApp01.exe, MyApp02,exe, etc.) and then you would just create corresponding INI files (MyApp01.ini, MyApp02.ini, etc.) which would then include the specific user names. Not nearly as convenient, obviously, but an option.
  • Aaron

    We use the SRP launcher, very good.
    Plus use the Command Line facility

    CommandLine = GetCommandLine()

    This can then be used to pick up your 01, 02 etc and do with it as you wish.

  • Colin,

    I think the problem for Aaron is that he needs the replaceable parameters to populate the /UN parameter for OINSIGHT.exe. Hence, this needs to happen prior to having any access to the GetCommandLine API.
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