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Send email with 2 or more attachments

I want to send email with 2 or more attachments, i set MailAttach = 'D:\1.pdf' : @vm : 'D:\2.pdf', but i can't send. The Error msg is The volume label syntax is error. Any idea to fix this ?

User: Albert Kurniawan


  • Albert,

    I don't know why you are getting this error. I know sending multiple attachments will work (I just re-tested to confirm), so I suspect this is a problem with your drive or OS. I hate to ask you a dumb question, but are you sure those files exist? What happens if you move the files into a sub-folder instead?
  • I am sure the files exist.
    I set MailAttach = 'D:\1.pdf' ==> mail sent with attachment
    I set MailAttach = 'D:\1.pdf' :@vm: 'D:\1.pdf' ==> Cannot send (the same file name)

    Is my coding incorrect ?

    User: Albert Kurniawan
  • Albert,

    Insofar as what you've shown me as code it looks correct. But since I am unable to see the rest of your code I have no idea if you are programming this correctly.
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