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Error 0, why? Help!

I have been using Gmail to send out emails using the SRP Mail Utility.
It's been working flawlessly until two days ago it started to give me error 0 ?
Email from Thunderbird email client goes out fine with same parameters.


  • Kauko,

    Did you try smtp.gmail.com?
  • Kauko,

    Did you try smtp.gmail.com?
    Yes I did.
  • Error "0" occurs when SRP Mail cannot find the CDO.Message library on your system. Has anything changed on that system in the last two days? Windows update? New OS? New Software? Anti-virus software update? Anything?
  • Playing w/ Win 7 64 I clobbered MBR in the process.
    After re-installing Win 7 this problem went away!
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