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RTI cdoMail function vs. SRP Mail Utility

I wanted to see if anyone else out there had some experience in using the RTI_cdoMail function to send emails from within an application and maybe point out how it is different than the SRP Mail Utility.

I've had success with the RTI_cdoMail function with exception of one bug. When I attach files, the files that were attached end up in a locked state. The only way I can figure out how to "unlock" the files is to close OpenInsight. Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there another way I can "unlock" the files programmatically?

Perhaps this is why SRP created the SRP Mail Utility. I haven't tried it out, but I'm assuming that it does not lock the files that are attached to an email as the RTI_cdoMail function does. Are there any other significant differences?


  • Dan, I ran a quick test with RTI_cdoMail and received the same results, attachment files were locked until OpenInsight is closed. This does seem strange and I'm surprised that this hasn't come up before.

    I'll run a test with the SRP_SendMail function and report back the results to verify the behavior isn't the same.
  • Dan, I tested SRP_SendMail and did not have the same problem with attachment files being locked. In my test I was able to send multiple files without issue.

    I also checked the Revelation Issue Tracker to see if anything with RTI_CDOMail has been reported but couldn't find any bug reports.
  • Thanks for sharing those results with me Jared. I am not a Works subscriber, so I do not have access to the Revelation Issue Tracker. Is there a way to submit this bug?
  • Dan,

    First, I moved this thread from the OpenInsight forum to the SRP Mail Utility forum since I think this is a better home for this discussion.

    Second, my suggestion is to post your discovery in the public discussion forum since the bug tracker is limited to WORKS subscribers.
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