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Version 2.1.0 Released

edited April 2016 in SRP HTTP Framework
v2.1.0 of the SRP HTTP Framework has been released.

As usual, please visit the Version History page for details on what has been updated.

Special features worth noting:
  • New service module: HTTPClient_Services. This is intended to make it easier for OpenInsight to make HTTP calls to other servers. This serves the same purpose as OLE_GetWebPage, but it is built with more features and improvements to allow for large binary downloads.
  • New service: GetBestContentNegotiation. Content negotiation is important for REST APIs, but managing the negotiation can be tricky. This service makes it easy for your API to make the right content type decision.
  • HTTP_Resources_Services has been updated to support AMV Group Names. So, if your database table has AMV Group Names, these will be used to name the JSON arrays that are added to your response.

If you need this update please send an email to support@srpcs.com. Also indicate if your copy should be keyed to a specific application other than FRAMEWORKS.
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