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Panel control inside Shortcut getting confused

Panel control collapse of a shortcut group causes the controls in that panel to display on the main form overlaying other controls.
See before and after screens, with the collapse of the top shortcut group, the controls display over the buttons at the top of the screen. Can provide code via email if needed, or GotoMeeting to view.



  • Hey Colin,

    I had the same problem regardless of the type of controls on the embedded form.


    Never got to the bottom of it.
  • Colin,

    It does indeed look like the same problem Mark ran into.


    As I recall from reading through the other thread, you were going to send us something to work with for troubleshooting purposes. Did that ever happen?
  • Dont remember if I did or not.

    Relevant code is below, not sure if that is enough or if you want code from within the panel forms also.

    * Panel
    Call Send_Message(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"QUALIFY_EVENT","ALL_OLES",Qualifier)
    CALL Send_Message(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.Clear")
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.AutoReposition",0)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.Layout","IT")
    CALL Send_Message(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.InsertGroup",1,"Filters")
    CALL Send_Message(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.InsertGroup",2,"Import")
    CALL Send_Message(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.InsertGroup",3,"Links")
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.GroupExpanded[1]",1)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.GroupExpanded[2]",1)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.GroupExpanded[3]",1)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.Margins",2:@FM:2:@FM:2:@FM:2:@FM:2)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.AutoReposition",1)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.Theme",THEME)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_SHORTCUTS,"OLE.Animation","N")
    * Filter Pane
    Call Send_Message(@Window:".OLE_SHORTCUTS","OLE.EmbedWindow",PANE,hWnd)
    * Call Set_Property("RASTERX_FILTERS","VISIBLE",1)
    * Import Pane
    Call Send_Message(@Window:".OLE_SHORTCUTS","OLE.EmbedWindow",PANE,hWnd)
    * Call Set_Property("RASTERX_IMPORT","VISIBLE",1)
    * Links Pane
    Call Send_Message(@Window:".OLE_SHORTCUTS","OLE.EmbedWindow",PANE,hWnd)
    * Call Set_Property("RASTERX_LINKS","VISIBLE",1)
  • Hi Colin,

    Actually, my comment was directed to Mark, not you. He had offered to send us an example (I would have guessed an RDK) so we could use it to test on our end. It seems that the original thread ended with him saying he would get back to us. I think that is why this was unresolved.

    Since we could not duplicate the problem ourselves, an RDK was something we were hoping to get. It will definitely expedite our resolution effort.
  • Hi Don,

    Looks like that was my intent. Another higher priority project (the http_frameworks one) took the place of that prototype though and it got shelved. Hence there was no more traction on my end. In reality, the two things are linked but the desktop stuff is secondary to the web/mobile side so I will get back to it but not for a while yet.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  • Mark

    I have provided Don with an RDK of a small form reproducing the issue.. via separate Email.
  • Mark,

    As Colin mentioned, he did submit an RDK for us to work with. As last week was RevCon 2016, we did not have an opportunity to test it but I suspect this week we'll take a look and see what we can do.
  • Colin,

    I am not able to recreate this issue with the RDK you sent to me. The embedded panel always stays put. Now it's time to figure what's different between our systems. Are you using Promoted Events anywhere? Version of OI? Version of Windows?
  • Ah shame.
    Not using promoted events.
    OI version 8.0.8
    Windows 10
  • Good in that it means, it can work.

    But frustrating.

    My OI version where this was happening is 9.4
    Also Windows 10
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