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SMTP relays

I am testing the SRP Mail Utility using GoDaddy as the email SMTP server (smtpout.secureserver.net). I noticed that every time I send an email using the utility that 2 SMTP relays are used instead of the expected 1. If I send an email using Outlook as the client, it will only spend one relay. Any ideas why the utility spends two relays for every email sent and if I can configure differently to resolve the issue? Here is the code I am using:

Declare Function SRP_Send_Mail


OSRead Html From "U:\Website Stuff\Welcome Email Test.html" Else Html = ""

Config = ""
Config<1> = SendUsing_Port$
Config<3> = 25
Config<4> = "smtpout.secureserver.net"
Config<5> = 1
Config<6> = "from@domain.com"
Config<7> = "Password"
Config<8> = 0

Message = ""
Message<1> = "Subject Line"
Message<2> = "from@domain.com"
Message<3> = "somebody@domain.com"
Message<4> = ""
Message<5> = ""
Message<6> = ""
Message<7> = "HTML"
Message<8> = Html
Message<9> = ""
Message<10> = SRPMail_Importance_Normal$

rv = SRP_Send_Mail(Message, Config)


  • Dan,

    I think this is because you are using the evaluation version. This should go away once you have it licensed.
  • Dan,

    I may have replied hastily. When you say "two relays", do you mean the same email is sent twice to the same target, or are you seeing to emails being sent, but the target only gets it once?
  • The target gets one email as expected, but the smtp server shows that two relays were used. Does the evaluation version send another copy somewhere and use a second relay?
  • The evaluation version sends out an email to a dummy account. This is done to alert us to people who download the utility but never license it. There are a few companies who have done this and they continually send out emails with the product.
  • Okay - makes sense now. Thanks!
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