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Anybody have any luck interfacing with outlook365?

The code below fails due to authentication. Any suggestions?

COMPILE FUNCTION srp_outlook365( void ) $INSERT SRPMAIL_INSERTS Message = "" Message<1> = "Subject Line" Message<2> = "helpdesk@powerforcesoftware.com" ; // : SENDER Message<3> = "helpdesk" ; // : RECIPIENTS * Message<4 : CC> = "" * Message<5 : BCC> = "" Message<6> = "" ; // : REPLYTO Message<7> = "HTML" ; // : MODE Message<8> = "Hello World!" ; // : BODY Message<9> = "" ; // : ATTACHMENT Message<10> = SRPMail_Importance_Normal$ ; // : 1 configfile = "" configfile<1> = SendUsing_Port$ ; // Equ SendUsing_Port$ TO 2 configfile<3> = 587 configfile<4> = "filter.xxxxxx-1.mailguard.com.au" configfile<4> = "smtp-mail.outlook.com" configfile<5> = 1 configfile<6> = "myname.surname@gmail.com" configfile<7> = "ikitaz18" configfile<8> = "TLS" //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // port 25, TLS -> The STARTTLS command is not supported by the server //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // configfile<8> = "SSL" ; // There was a problem communicating via SSL/TLS debug retval = srp_send_mail(Message, ConfigFile)


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    I have not, but if Office 365 supports 3rd party clients to send out SMTP emails, this should work. Where are you getting your configuration information from? This link suggests the URL is smtp.office365.com.
  • Hey Don,

    Good pickup.

    Alas, changed but no better result
  • Can you still point me to your resource for configuration information?
  • I thought it would be more fun to leave you guessing
  • Mark,

    First, I don't think I would trust any code that a guy with that avatar would post. :)

    Second, can you confirm the version of the SRP Mail Utility you are using?

    Finally, hate to ask you to suck eggs, but are you sure all of your account names and passwords are correct?
  • First. Don't blame you. He looks pretty dodgy. Who wears fluorescent singlets?
    Second. Stand by and I'll find out.
    Finally, happy to suck eggs; it's the only way you find the bad ones.
    That said, I'm not sure of anything. I believe it works via a browser so the password is correct.
  • What I find curious is that the From address is very different from the Account Username address. Normally they would be the same or at least a part of the same domain.
  • Version 2.0.2
  • That's good. Just needed to confirm that TLS was supported. Your configuration seems fine to me (assuming you fixed the SMTP server URL), so my focus would be on the account username.
  • Thanks. I'll pass that suggestion on.
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