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Backup Files Outside "Oinsight"

I have been working with the SRP Backup Utility and I wanted to backup some folders that were not within the OINSIGHT folder. I have tried to reference these folders using an absolute path (e.g. "C:\Application") and the SRP Backup Utility says "No files specified" when I try to run the backup.

To clarify, OINSIGHT would be C:\Application\OINSIGHT and I want to backup everything in the C:\Application folder.

I have tried the following references:
the UNC for the folder
and also a mapped drive

Does anyone know if there is a built in limitation to the SRP Backup Utility or am I missing something?

Also, is there any flag set when the backup completes successfully? Is there some file or something that can be read later from OI to see if the backup was successful?

Thanks for your help,
Adam Chan

User: Adam Chan


  • When reading the documentation for the SRP Backup Utility, it said You can include relative paths as long as they do not begin with "\", ".\", or "..\".

    However, after having trouble backing up folders outside OINSIGHT, I tried a relative path and was able to use that to backup folders outside OINSIGHT.

    I set my Files string to "..\*" and it appears to be backing up the C:\Application folder (the folder that houses OINSIGHT), which is what I wanted.

    Is this something I shouldn't do? The documentation says it is not allowed, but it appears to be working fine so far.

    Thanks again,
    Adam Chan

    User: Adam Chan
  • Is there a way to cancel the backup aside from killing the process?

    Adam Chan

    User: Adam Chan
  • I am sorry the documentation steered you in the wrong direction. I'm not sure why I documentation relative paths the way I did, but looking at the code, you should be just fine doing what you are doing... especially if it works. Internally I'm just using the WinAPI to find all the files, so I am a bit surprised it didn't work without the prefixes.

    In short, don't fear that documentation. I'll fix it here shortly.

    As for a Cancel button, the reason one currently does not exist is because we built this tool for a client who wanted to make sure their users did not cancel the process, thereby defeating the purpose of regular back ups. Is this merely an issue of inconvenience or do you foresee a real need to have a cancel button?
  • Hey Kevin,
    Thanks for the reply. No worry about the documentation. I'm glad it works with the "..\*"

    The cancel button was more of a convenience thing that isn't really necessary. It's just that the backup can take a while on our system and if we wanted to cancel it, it would be nice to have. I can see why you left it off though.


    User: Adam Chan
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