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Auto dropdown when typing


We have two subclassed editfields on the one window. They are both set up with dropdown combo data.
In one, as soon as we start typing, the dropdown displays and the filtered autofill kicks in. Perfect.
On the other, the dropdown doesn't appear unless we click the arrow. Then everything works as expected.

That was the initial symptoms. Further investigation determined that both controls do in fact function the same as long as neither of them are the first control with focus.
The offending control has focus upon the create event. Start typing. Nothing happens. Move to the other control, start typing and the dropdown appears. However if we then move back to the original control and start typing, it then works as expected as well.

We don't have to move between these two controls in particular, we just need to move out of the not working control and then back into it for it to function like the other. I tried doing a send_event "gotfocus" upon the create in case there was some initialisation in there that wasn't triggering but it didn't help.

Any other thoughts about what little initialisation element might be missing? The config of the two controls is the same, only the data and autofill columns differ so I'm assuming it must be event related.

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