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Sync As A Service

Is it possible to run the sync server as a service so that I don't have to log into the server to restart them after a reboot?


  • Hi Bryan,

    By itself the SRP Sync Service cannot be ran as a service. We've discussed rewriting it to be a true Windows service, but there are a number of considerations and requirements that made it clear this would not be easy.

    Your best option is to use a third-party product that allows you to launch desktop GUI applications. We've launched OpenInsight itself using Service-O-Matic. This article recommends another product, but the approach is pretty much the same.
  • Don,

    Do you know any more about Service-O-matic, it loads as a 15 day trial but when you go to attempt to purchase it says not able to be purchased and the developer site link does'nt work.
  • I don't know any more. One of my senior developers, Paul, has the most experience with it. I have not personally used it in a long time and I suspect that no one else on our team has needed to purchase a new license for it in awhile either.

    Some recent online searches for a solution to create services that interact with the desktop seemed to suggest that this is now built into Windows. I didn't study it too deeply since it wasn't a pressing issue for me. You might want to take a look at that.
  • NSSM, non-sucking-service-manager is the solution I use.
  • Great, thank you Aaron
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