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FlickerFree causing body of tab control to disappear

I am having trouble getting my SRP OLE Tab Control to stop flickering. It flickers upon creation and randomly as I hover the mouse over different controls. I set the FlickerFree property per the specifications that were explained in the wiki help, but the result I get is the body of the tab control is not drawn, just the tabs. All the controls that normally would be in the body of the tab control are colored as if the body were there, but the space around the controls and the body border have disappeared. This behavior happens with the AllowXPTheme set to true or false. I'm not sure how to post a picture here on the forum, otherwise I would post a screenshot to clarify. A picture is worth a 1000 words, after all.

I have followed the steps in the wiki help for the use of the FlickerFree property, by placing an SRP OLE Button Control on an MDI Frame, with a button to create the Window in which I desire to have the SRP Tab Control flicker free. This way I have a persistent window with an SRP OLE Control that is open longer than the window that has the SRP Tab Control using the FlickerFree property. I have the FlickerFree set to true during the CREATE event, and the the FlickerFree set to false during the CLOSE event. Is there something that I am missing?


  • Hi Dan,

    As far as you know, has this always been a problem? That is, you don't recall having any windows using the SRP Tab control that didn't flicker? Based on what you described it appears that you are doing everything correctly. Our FrameWorks product also relies on an MDI Frame to ensure at least one SRP OLE control still exists when the other windows close.

    Since we always name our SRP Tab control as OLE_TAB on our forms, our promoted CREATE event simply has this code: Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_TAB", "OLE.FlickerFree", Yes$)
    Our promoted CLOSE event has this code: Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_TAB", "OLE.FlickerFree", No$)Unfortunately posting images right now is harder to do than setting up the SRP EditTable :-) but we are working on that. Perhaps you might post your own code just to have another set of eyes looking at it.
  • Hey Don,

    The flickering has occurred in every SRP Tab Control that I have created. The only way to not have it flicker is to have the color of the SRP Tab Control match the background of the Form and have the AllowXPTheme property set to false. Then it is a much less interactive control, with no change to the colors of the tabs when hovering. I'm sure that the flickering is still occurring, but is not visible, since the background color of the window matches the color of the body/pane of the SRP Tab Control.

    A few more details... I am using OI 9.3.0 on Windows XP. Not sure if that helps any. I verified that I am using the exact code in my commuter module that you typed in your last post in the CREATE event and CLOSE event when I set the FlickerFree property.
  • Hi Dan,

    Well obviously this is the was it is supposed to be! I think the only way to really zero in on this is for me to test a portion of your system locally. Here is what I propose. You create a couple of windows in the SYSPROG or EXAMPLES application. Window #1 launches Window #2. That way we preserve the requirements of the FlickerFree property. If you still see the flicker then send me an RDK with your work and I'll try it out on my system under different configurations and see where that leads us.
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