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Loading multiple forms

Hi all. I am trying to load 2 separate forms onto one screen. My initial thought was to use 2 panels and load one form into each. But it seems that I cannot have 2 panels on one form? Every time I have 2 there, it just hangs after load and doesn't allow input. So my next thought would be to load both forms onto one panel. Bu the only way I see to do this is to load all of the controls from both forms into a structure and load the single structure to the panel.

Is there a method that I didn't see or is possible to load 2 forms to one panel aside from what I am trying?
Or is it possible to have 2 panels on one form and there is something I am missing to allow this. All I did for this was make a new blank form with no data association and added 2 ole controls flagged to SRP.PANEL.1. They were side by side. screen loads and then doesn't allow input (including close, minimize, and maximize)

Thanks in advance for any feedback, hints, tips, etc.


  • Brad - I'm not sure why you are having trouble with the two-panel approach. I have not personally tried that, but I would not have expected it to hang for you. However, I might have a better solution for you but it is a feature that we have not officially released. Before we explore this option, I want to make sure I better understand your end goal. Can you explain what you want to accomplish as the end user would experience it? That will help me guide you to the best solution.
  • Certainly! The goal here is to have a new 'home' screen that a user can launch that would contain a few of our previously created screens. We have a shortcut screen which contains an HTML element with shortcuts the user has defined we want to load on the left side. And we have an Action Console which relays the user with information of what tasks they currently have as another screen we want to load on the right. This screen contains a Shortcutbar control and some buttons.

    The overall goal is just to load those 2 screens onto our new home screen without having to rewrite them to work on the new screen (so just embed them).

    We are running with SRP Controls.ocx 4.0.0 on the server we are working on if that makes a difference.
  • Brad - I'm glad I asked for more details. I now better understand that you actually want to show two OI forms at the same time, whether in a single SRP Panel control or in two SRP Panel controls. We do not support multiple forms in a single control in a way that would be helpful to you, so we will have to explore why two SRP Panel controls on the same OI form are hanging. At a minimum, I would like you to upgrade your control to v4.0.2 and confirm that this is still a problem. If so, we can start looking into this on our end.
  • Great news! After upgrading to 4.0.2 from 4.0.0 the blank form I made doesn't hang when I have 2 panels now. So I should be able to load one oi form to each of the panels. Thanks for all your help on this!
  • Phew! I think that's called dodging a bullet. :)
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