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Disappearing Content

I'm attempting to use the tab control for the first time after having had it for a few years now. I'm running into a strange problem when the SRP Edit Table inside of the tab control. When the window first renders everything appears to be fine but once I mouse over the tab control all of the content in the tab control disappears. If I click a new tab the content comes back, however once I move my mouse outside of the tab the content will either flicker or completely disappear again.

Am I doing something wrong here?


  • Bryan,

    My first guess is that you made the height of the SRP Tab control on the form itself tall enough to encompass the SRP EditTable control. Unlike OI's tab control, you cannot take one OLE control and surround another OLE control. They obscure each other. This is a limitation of OI. Therefore, make the SRP Tab control shorter, like 21 pixels tall, and use the Height property of the SRP Tab control to draw the border exactly the way you want it to appear.
  • That was it. Thanks.
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