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Prompt text not displaying

I'm working with a new client who purchased your control suite. They use OI 9.4 and Windows 10 with their in house custom app. I've used the SRP Controls extensively in my apps but this is the first time for this client. Their SRP License.dll is dated 10/6/2016. I've implemented the button control and the subclass for list boxes. All is good so far. The setting of the Prompt which displays inside the edit line does not work. I've even used the exact code I have from a SRP CHM example.

And the tree control does not display the data I am feeding in. It's the same code I use within my OI 9.4 apps. I'm not sure if the two are related. The SRP Ole button and Subclass for listboxes do work though.
The controls are on an MDI frame I test from within the form designer with the test run button.
Any suggestions for resolution?
Phil H


  • Does the Tree control still respond to other settings, like Border or Background? If not, then perhaps what appears to be an empty tree is really an empty ActiveX control container, which means Windows cannot find SRPControls.ocx. That would also explain the subclass behavior. This can happens if (a) SRPControls.ocx wasn't registered on that machine or (b) something else such as AntiVirus is blocking it.
  • Phil - Let us know what you find at your earliest convenience so we can continue to help you with this if necessary. Also, the date of your SRPLicense.dll is irrelevant. If you want to identify the version of your control (which is necessary for proper support), then check the File Version of the SRPControls.ocx file (Properties > Details).
  • The Prompt issue has been resolved. It had to do with the need to register the SRPControls.ocx and not the trial version SRPSubClass.ocx.
  • Thanks for the reply on this. FWIW, there is no such thing as a "trial version" of any of our controls. They were always full versions, but if your license was not up to date (or if you didn't have a license) then you would get a nag message when you used them. Also, all controls that were named individually (e.g., SRPEditTable.ocx, SRPSubclass.ocx, SRPTree.ocx, etc.) are retired. There is only SRPControls.ocx, although customer may continue to license specific controls rather than the entire suite.
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