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SRP_Precompiler and MENU events

Wondering what is the best way to handle MENU events with the Event structure used with the SRP_Precompiler. I placed a debug in my code to see what the the SRP_PRECOMPILER labelled common variables are setting SRP_PRECOMPILER_GOSUBTARGET@ and and found all of the labelled common variables showing next to them. I'm assuming that the Menu Control might be confusing it with the extra "."s in the CtrlEntId... What do you suggest?


  • After your #pragma precomp line, insert the following:


    This will produce a record called SRP_PRECOMP_OUTPUT in the SYSLISTS table showing the code that actually gets compiled. In there, see what SRP_Precompiler_EventCtrl@ is getting set to. It should be stripping away the first part of the CtrlEntId under the assumption that the first part is always the window name. Thus, it should be looking for MENU.MYMENU.
  • Got it - Thanks Kevin!
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