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tab border changed with upgrade

Similar to the button forecolor, it seems our setting of the border colour is no longer being observed.

Within the setting of the colour scheme for our tabs, we set the border to 'OfficeFrame' and in 3.0.3 it looks like this:

but with the change to 3.0.7 the same tab looks like this:

The rest of the scheme appears to be the same.


  • By removing all references to the border in the tabcolors property and using the new border and bordercolors properties I can get almost the same appearance as we had before:

    Some might even say it looks better.

    Its the same colour at least albeit a little thicker even though I've set the border to 'Custom Thin'
  • While it seems you have a work around, I can at least explain to you that the "OfficeFrame" color changed because Office themes have changed. The gray you used to get came from Office XP, but the blue comes from Office 2010. I'll have to update Office colors to allow users to choose which version of office.

    In the meantime, you can try other system colors like "3DDkShadow" or "3DShadow".
  • Thanks for the suggestion and whilst a change to the office themes may seem to explain the difference, the only difference between the two screenshots is the version of the tab control. They are both taken on the same machine moments apart from each other where the only thing I do is switch one srpcore.ocx for the other. I can switch back and forth and change between the two appearances.
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