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Window PAGE event

Is there any code around to control the PAGE event.

-Change the tab to match the page
-Dont PAGE to a disabled tab
-Find the next enabled tab forward of the disabled tab what was PAGEd to. If not stay where you are.


  • Barry,

    This all has to be managed in your BASIC+ code. The SRP Tab control itself is not "aware" of the form it is on in any special way to help automate this. So here are a few tips:
    • If you disable an SRP tab then of course it won't respond to the SelChanged event so you are okay there.
    • The PageDown/PageUp keys won't change pages so you are okay there.
    • Tabbing from control to control can pose a problem. You can trap the VSCROLL event handler and check to see if this is a page with a disabled tab. If so, move the focus to the next available control on a valid page.
    • Another technique to control the tab order is to use the NEXT and PREVIOUS property to control the tab navigation flow. It might even be a good idea to create closed loops on each page. That is, when the user loses focus on the last control of a page it will automatically go to the first control of the same page. Then the user can never change pages simply by tabbing.
  • The PageDown/PageUp keys won't change pages so you are okay there

    They do, (why wouldn't they)
  • They don't change pages for me unless I am in the Form Designer. That's how it has always behaved for me. Are you saying that when you run a form the pages change?
  • PageUp and Page down always changes page on a multi page form when run
  • Well, I'm not sure what to tell you but if that is the case then you have some basic principles (ala LOSTFOCUS/GOTFOCUS/VSCROLL events) that should help you prevent unwanted behavior.
  • Ok, thanks

    I have compiled the PAGE event with return 0 for the time being, to stop it paging.
    See if the users complain then I will worry about it.
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