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FullRowSelect and Tooltips

Doesn't seem to be but is it possible to have both fullrowselect and tooltips enabled?

I prefer the fullrowselect so the user doesn't have to be as precise with their selection but it's not uncommon to have text wider than the control so I really need to offer the tooltips or there'll be times when the users don't know for sure what they're selecting.

So, can I have both or a horizontal scroll perhaps?


  • Hmmm...I always thought this did work. I could have sworn this is how the Favorites section worked in the SRP Editor. I know Kevin found a bug in the SRP Tree control with regard to the horizontal scrolllbar not appearing when it should. This happened when he added the close buttons. I am wondering if the tooltips are not working as a consequence (expected or not) due to the recent changes. Let's wait for him to respond with the official story.
  • I didn't think to look there but the favourites pane in the editor appears to work differently.
    I get the tooltips where appropriate. Only my text gets highlighted when I select something which suggests fullrowselect is off, however I can make a selection by clicking anywhere in the row, not just on the actual text.
    It also has a horizontal scroll bar.

    So the favourites pane looks like the collection of all three. You have the power.
  • Do you have multi-lined enabled? That would turn off tooltips.
  • In a tree control?
    Not sure how you do that.
    If you're referring to wordwrap then the answer is no.
  • You know what? I think this might already be fixed. Try 4.0.3 RC11. If not, then I'm missing something because this works for me in my current build.
  • Well you're not missing anything. It works with that build.
    I was using 4.0.3 RC2 and the update to RC11 resolved it.

    The horizontal scroll bar is now visible and tooltips appear with or without fullrowselect on.

    I'm curious now. Which close buttons were you referring to?
  • Disregard my last Don. I updated my editor and found the close buttons.
    That said, now that I see them I realise it's not the first time I've seen them so sometime recently I must have inadvertently rolled my editor back a version or two.

    Strange I didn't notice them missing.
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