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Just looking through docs to make sure I can understand it before taking the plunge. I see this in the directconnect control doc
for the server property:
"The format is IP:@FM:Port:@FM:KeepAliveTime. Use this to set the IP and Port number the SRP Sync Server is listening on (default port is 25000). ..."

But the example in the SyncServer re connecting ole controls shows this as an example:
"// Connect to a server running on the local machine
Server = ""
Server<1> = "Bob"
Server<2> = ""
Server<3> = 1000
Set_Property(@Window:".OLE_SCHEDULE", "OLE.Server", Server)"

Which appears to be conflicting.
Are these referring to the same thing, or is it completely separate.



  • The documentation is correct. The sample you cited is for the SRP Schedule Control. You should pass the IP address and the port. The KeepAliveTime is optional.
  • Yes. completely separate.
    Two different controls:
    DirectConnect and

    Both have server properties that connect them to an instance of the sync server but they are properties of the controls themselves, not the sync server.

    Rely on the documentation for the control you are trying to use rather than the sync server
  • Ah, didn't think of that.
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