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Size Limit?

We've got some customers using very large images, like a 17.6 Mb 8688x5792 Jpeg for example. This doesn't display in the SRP Picture control when loaded by setting the OLE.Image property. Is there a specific size or memory limit on this, or does it depend on what's available on the workstation?

Cheers, M@


  • It appears that the Win32 GDI (Graphical Device Interface) breaks down under very large images. Even Chrome chokes on large images. I've stepped through the code and everything loads into memory just fine. But when I call the AlphaBlend API, it just displays nothing. No error. Just nothing is drawn. I've tried to research the issue online, but I'm coming up short on solutions. GDI is admittedly old, but it would take an overhaul to switch to Direct2D, so that's not going to happen any time soon.

    I wish I had better news.
  • Well, I have some good news! Thanks to your mention of GDI stuff, I just tried resetting the ResizeUsingGDIPlus property on the control to zero and now these images display :).

    Cheers, M@
  • Lol. I completely forgot I added that. I'm glad you found something that works.
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