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auto complete

Just a heads-up for you.

when I paste/enter the following and then press enter, I get the auto /end/ on the next line and have to keep deleting it.

If HTTP_Services('GetRequestHeaderField', 'Debug') then Debug


  • Thanks for the note. This has already been identified and discussed on our end. There are a number of odd auto-complete issues that we have experienced. Unfortunately, they aren't simple to rectify given the various checks that have to be done that determine if or when auto-complete should be invoked. On this item I cannot recall what we concluded but we'll take another look to see if it can be resolved.

    Having said that, if you ever find that auto-complete did something you wish it hadn't, remember to do an Undo (Ctrl+Z) rather than a delete operation. That will be the easiest way to remove the unwanted code but will put the cursor right where you expected it to be.
  • >> Undo (Ctrl+Z)

    Great tip, thanks.Yes I do realise the complexity involved to fix.
  • Thanks, I have auto-complete disabled but if I enter (cut/paste) a line of code into an existing if/then/end statement it adds another 'end' line. At first I did not notice until I could compile the code or it did past the compile and the logic in the code went into a different direction. If I try the undo, it removes the line of code I did want in the if/then/else statement.
  • Does this happen the moment you perform the paste operation or do you also have to press Enter? Does it matter what code you paste in? I'm wondering if there is certain patterns in the code that causes this to trigger. Perhaps you can post some actual snippets for us to work with.
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