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OI Crashing on Terminal Server

I have tracked the crashing to the following code:
Set_Property(TreeCtrl$, "OLE.SelectBehavior", 'Multi')
The crashing only appears on the terminal server (2012 R2) and not on a work station logged onto the network. I have been trying to track down this problem for the last month and observed the following
1. Re starting the terminal server seems to fix the crashing for a few days.
2. The crashing does not appear on the SBS server 2008 (same copy of OI running)
3. Other ribbon functions seem to be loading and operating correctly.
4. I have copied the SRPcontrols.ocx (3 Oct 2016 11.11 18,250 Kb) from my laptop to the OI folder on the server and I(think) I have re registered the SRPControls.ocx on the terminal server (Not sure if successful)
5. Seems to have something to do with NTDLL.dll when looking at the event viewer.
6. Uninstalled all clientsetup routines and re run ClientSetup.exe from the server did not fix the crashing.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



  • I just want to confirm something, does the problem seem to be related to the SRP Tree control or the SRP Ribbon control?
  • This is a routine that Mark Boorman wrote for me some time ago and I suppose it is the Tree control (srp.tree.1) as the code is in the Create event of setting up favourites to be displayed in the ribbon. That's where I was misled.
  • Okay. Then I am going to move this thread to the SRP Tree category. But, if I understood your analysis, the key to causing the crash is setting the SelectBehavior property to Multi. Thus, you have tested everything by disabling this code and you don't experience the crash, correct?
  • I Will log into the client terminal server, comment out this line and report back.
  • Just logged onto the client terminal server and commented the offending code and NO crashing. Then re instated the offending code and still NO crashing. I am confused, may be the IT department restarted the terminal server.
    The client will monitor the situation and continue investigation when the crashing reappears. For now I cannot replicate the problem.
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