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Quick clicking = Crashing...

Hi team

I've noticed that for a sub-classed control which contains a browse button i.e. via:
Set_Property(subclassctrl$, 'OLE.OptionButton[':Control:']', true$) Set_Property(subclassctrl$, 'OLE.OptionImage[':Control:']', optionimage:@fm:'Auto')
Typically this control will display an OI popup dialog. But if the end-user clicks the browse button twice quickly e.g. double-click then:
popup appears/does selection ok
But on return from the popup OI will crash (either a windows app crash, or sometimes to the debugger with "ENG0015: RTP20.8 line 0. Illegal opcode: 80)"

Our subclass controls is version 3.0.0. Hopefully you can reproduce this one?


User: James Birnie


  • p.s. I should also mention that it does have to be a fast double-click, for some users with less congested/faster PCs it may not happen everytime.

    User: James Birnie
  • James,

    I have tried to duplicate on my end to no avail. I have edit lines with subclassed options buttons calling other forms (no popups.) If I had to guess it might be a problem with OI processing multiple OLE events while other things are going on. Do your popups display quickly or do they take a moment to load data?
  • Hi Don

    The popups do a select, and so do take about a second to come up. I hope this helps.
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