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Code Samples

Does anyone have some simple code examples of using SRP's DatePicker, I have the latest version of DatePicker, I just want to popup the Calendar using a click event off a PB on an OI form. I have not used the DatePicker as yet was wondering if there is a cheat sheet. I have looked at the online documentation but could not find any 'real-life' examples. TIA.


  • Are you looking for example code that sets up the SRP DatePicker or example code that uses its events to return data?

    Are you familiar with how other ActiveX controls are used? I'm just trying to understand the level of knowledge and experience you have with OI and OLE in general. The SRP DatePicker control is a simple control so providing code examples will be easy...but if you do not have a basic grasp of OI and OLE then we need to make sure you get educated on some fundamentals first.
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