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Compilation error

In compiling a stored procedure in the SRP Editor, I get the suspected VNAV error for two 'variables' (ARIAL_NARROW' and 'TIMES') that do not exist in the stored procedure being compiled, any of the declared functions or subroutines or any of the Inserts. Is this possibly an "I don't know what to call this problem so I'll fall back on the closest thing I can find" type of error?


  • I'm 99.9% positive those are defined in the APP_INSERTS insert. Does your code use this insert?
  • VNAV checking is done separately using OI's built-in VNAV checker, BLINT. So, I don't think it's a different compiler error masquerading as a VNAV. I'd have to see sample code before I could speculate further.
  • Neither ARIAL_NARROW or TIMES are defined in my APP_INSERTS record, which is actually an inherited version of the SYSPROG version. APP_INSERTS is $Inserted in my stored procedure. OIPIFONTS is also used and ARIAL_NARROW is dimensioned there, but TIMES isn't to be found in any of the inserts. I would certainly be glad to send you the code, but wouldn't you need all of the Insert records plus any of the subroutines/functions that aren't presupplied? Also, I'm not sure how to accomplish sending you the code.
  • I still have a copy of your system so just let me know what stored procedure you are working on (assuming it is a pre-existing one) and I'll investigate to get a better idea of what is going on.
  • The stored procedure is 'PRINT_ORDER_CONF' which had a minor error that I fixed, but it will not recompile cleanly on my system.
  • Okay. I took a look. First, I'm glad I said 99.9% because I was wrong. While that insert does define font equates, these specific equates are in the OIPI_FONTS inserts (which you already identified). TIMES is defined there as well (see line 83).

    I believe this comes back to what Kevin reported: Revelation's VNAV check is falsely identifying this as a VNAV.
  • So, the final answer is to just ignore the error messages?
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