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I had the proverbial 'OI stopped working' on my workstation, I was editing about four SSPs in SRP Editor (v2.9.1) and when I rebooted my workstation, went back into OI, went into the editor and all four SSPs are 'read-only' and have a lock on the tab. How can I unlock the SSPs? OI v9.3.2, Win7 PRO, UD v4.7.2 and Editor v2.9.1. TIA


  • Use the UD Manager to unlock those records or restart the Universal Driver. Alternatively, the Universal Driver should timeout and unlock those records eventually, but you probably don't want to wait that long.
  • For what it's worth the default timeout can be up to 2 hours. This comes from the default TCP port KeepAliveTime https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc957549.aspx setting. Every 2 hours Windows checks all TCP connections to see if the clients are still active. Every now and then I come across records that won't unlock with the Universal Driver Manager and they finally unlock within 2 hours or sooner if the LinearHash service checks to see if the client is still alive.
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