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F5 - Command Line

Is there a command that I can type in the command line to open a table in the Table Editor? When I use the command DICT TABLENAME, the editor shows that it is processing the command, but then freezes.


  • Are you asking for a way to launch the Table Builder via the SRP Editor command line?
  • Yes. Launch the OI Table Builder via SRP Editor command line. If you type into the SRP Editor command line "DICT TABLENAME" it will freeze and crash OI.
  • We'll have to review the cause of the freezing, but DICT is not a supported keyword anyway. If you press Shift+F7 to open up the Viewer window and then enter HELP in the command line, this will provide you a list of all built-in commands.

    I think the following will work:

    WINDOW TB_MAIN {TableName}

    Try it and let me know.
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