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Maybe we have asked this before...
We need an event that is triggered when an editline gets empty.
In OI we can use iconv to check for valid input and also do some post processing.
But when an editfield is emptied there is no iconv processing.

We love the SRP Edittable for its BeforeUpdate and AfterUpdate event, it also triggers an empty cell.

Can you add these events to an editline/editbox with the Subclass Control?



  • Ed,

    Just have to ask, but wouldn't a CHAR or CHANGED event suit you?
  • Don / Ed,

    I was going to say the same about CHAR or CHANGED. Also, you could do a user-defined CONV if that suited your needs more.
  • Frank,

    I think Ed suggested that ICONV processing (UDC or internal) simply does not trigger when leaving an empty edit line control.
  • I think the CHANGED event would work for this kind of thing. You could even use a promoted CHANGED event to check for an empty editline then fire a custom ONEDITFIELDEMPTY event (or whatever you want to call it).
  • We tried to do it with the changed event, but that one also gets fired after a read.
    We only want an event if the user has changed the edit line.

    But what about my first question, can you do that?
    Now we sometimes use an edittable with one cell, this works, but not so elegant!

  • I'm not sure we could do it any differently because underneath the OI hood, an edit field (which is an EDIT control in Windows) has the same exact CHANGED event. When a read happens, the contents change. There's no way around it.

    In other words, there is nothing the Subclass can any differently than what capturing the CHANGED event in OI can do. This is due to Windows, not OI or anything else.
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