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Missing calendar....

We use the SRP Scheduler ocx as the diary for our Physio Practice Management software. Great product which we have been very happy with. However we now have a problem with it on one client PC. The problem is that the calendar section of the scheduler window has dissappeared leaving the scheduler section only. The client system has three PCs operating as a peer to peer network. Our OInsight application exists on one computer only.

One PC no longer shows the calendar section but all other PCs do show correctly. I have un-redgistered then re-redgistered the scheduler.ocx on the problem PC without change. It seems a bit strange that it only happens on the one PC. Happens for all different users logging in on that PC but doesn't happen for any users on any other PCs, so appears to be computer related. Our client said it happened while he was watching it - almost like the control just 'hid' the calendar by itself - the scheduler slid across to cover the calendar and it and hasn't come back since. The splitter bar is not there either. I'm pretty sure there isn't any user setting that controls the hiding of this??

I've tried turning the OLE.ShowCalendar property on explicitly (ie TRUE). Normally we don't set OLE.ShowCalendar at all. Still no affect, the Calendar refuses to show on THAT PC. This may not be strictly a Schedule. ocx issue.

Any ideas welcome



  • Do you normally see the Tree? If so, has this vanished as well? I don't suppose you have a screen shot of this. Finally, what version of the control are you using?
  • I've reviewed this a little more on my end. I do not know why the datepicker disappeared in the first place, but I am pretty certain know why you can't get it to appear. The control saves its visual state in an INI file (SRPControls.ini), which should be in the same folder that OINSIGHT.ini gets saved in. Try removing this file and run the application again on this machine.
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