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Multi-select crashes OI

Setting MultiSelect=2 causes the control and OI to crash when you do a shift-click to select.
It might take a few attempts to make it happen.
For now I have reverted back to MultiSelect=1 which behaves fine


  • What version of SRP Controls are you using?
  • edited May 2017
    OCX properties says 4.0.3.RC25
  • Hmmm...it appears we have posted on our download site the latest pre-release rather than the latest official release. However, I don't think that is relevant. The pre-release was the version that was last tested and approved for release so the only difference should be the removal of the RC25.

    I tested your the MultiSelect property in an app that I have and all three values work without crashing. I clicked around several times. I'm using a newer pre-release version (4.1.0 RC2). I don't know if this will solve your issue but I think it would be worthwhile if you download and tested it first. If it still crashes, then there must be something unique in your setup configuration and we'll probably need you to send us more code. You can download 4.1.0 RC2 from this link:

  • Installed and registered the latest
    Problem still arises, got a little empty SRP error dialog as well.
    I had to click quite a few times though maybe click, shift-click 30 or 40 times.

    Code used is below, with Multiple=2

    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.AlwaysShowSelection",1)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.ColumnList",ColumnList)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.GroupPanelVisible",0)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.GroupOrder","")
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.GroupRowsShaded",1)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.GroupRowsBold",1)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.FooterVisible",0)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.HeaderVisible",1)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.PreviewMode",1)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.MultiSelect",Multiple)
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.Border","XF")
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.BackColor","White")
    CALL Set_Property(OLE_TABLE,"OLE.FixedRowHeight",18)
  • I'm struggling to recreate this. Can you also supply your ColumnList setup? Maybe there's a specific setup there I'm missing.
  • Kevin

    The column setups are just code and desc in most cases, the facility is in a generic popup replacement, fraction of which is below.

    I am happy to show on GotoMeeting if you want to see it in action.

    Title="Project Activities Page Setups"
    ColumnList<-1>="Code" :@VM:"Text" :@VM:"200":@VM:0:@VM:1:@VM:"":@VM:1:@VM:1
    ColumnList<-1>="Description" :@VM:"Text" :@VM:"400":@VM:1:@VM:1:@VM:"":@VM:1:@VM:1

    Title="Approx Quantities Page Setups"
    ColumnList<-1>="Code" :@VM:"Text" :@VM:"200":@VM:0:@VM:1:@VM:"":@VM:1:@VM:1
    ColumnList<-1>="Description" :@VM:"Text" :@VM:"400":@VM:1:@VM:1:@VM:"":@VM:1:@VM:1

    Title="Cost Plan Page Setups"
    ColumnList<-1>="Code" :@VM:"Text" :@VM:"200":@VM:0:@VM:1:@VM:"":@VM:1:@VM:1
    ColumnList<-1>="Description" :@VM:"Text" :@VM:"400":@VM:1:@VM:1:@VM:"":@VM:1:@VM:1
  • I clicked for days; still no crash. Email with a GoToMeeting link and a time. There must be some other pattern I'm missing.
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