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How to Get SelPos column

I want to get the column that I am in when I right-click.
Cant see any property to get the column.
I can do if I right-click on the heading, as it is passed to the event, but I want to get it when on the body of the table.
Any ideas?


  • Third parameter of the OnItemClick?
  • No, I need to obtain on right-click, as I am tailoring the right-click message to suit the column selected.
    Column is not passed, nor from what I can see it obtainable in a property.
  • But it's the same event?
    Second parameter tells you it's a right versus a left. Third tells you the column.

    Or are you right clicking somewhere else?
  • Are you using the OnHeaderRightClick event? Doesn't the first argument return the column number?
  • Dammit, user error!!
    Let me go and figure out what my brain was thinking
  • Well you were right; you can't obtain it in a property but...
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