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Because I want to use it

Firstly, well done. It looks great so of course I want to implement it somewhere and hence I've been having a play and a read.

I'll throw some questions out there to try and get a better feel for the intent from a design view or perhaps a best practice view.
Feel free to say "don't be silly Mark, it's not meant for that".

At the moment, I've simply implemented your sample code from the blog.
The labels property doesn't seem to work or at least, my appointments aren't coloured.

Is there a way to lock appointments? I don't see one.
There also doesn't seem to be anything to identify the multiple calendars so while you can set multiples and add appts to them, all the appts in the apptlist just show anyway and no-one is any the wiser if they belong to the same calendar or 50 calendars.
I think I'm missing the point on that one.

Again, I like it so I'm only going to be annoying because I want to make use of it and I know the end users will love it if I can make it fit.


  • Regarding your colorization issue, can you confirm that your Labels property is coded correctly or your Appointments have the correct Label Key entered? I know you said you implemented the same code from the blog, but so have I and I get color coding in multiple themes. Also, have you confirmed that you are using v4.0.3 or later of SRPControls.ocx?

    In what sense are you asking if an appointment can be locked? Do you mean preventing an appointment from being dragged or resized? If so, then answer is no. Also, at the moment there is no way to cancel the event handler either (unlike the SRP EditTable and the SRP Schedule controls). Perhaps we'll consider some kind of support for this later on.

    While I understand your calendar assignment question, I'm going to wait for Kevin to respond. There might be something I'm missing as well. For instance, my read on the CalendarName property suggests this should be visible in the SRP Calendar control...but I am not seeing it. At a minimum it still works as a classification tool which might enable you to build your own features around it. For instance, you might add the CalendarName to the appointment Subject using a CR/LF delimiter so it will appear on a separate line.
  • version 4.0.3 RC25

    Calendars = "" Calendars<-1> = "PERSONAL":@VM:"Personal" Calendars<-1> = "WORK":@VM:"Work" Set_Property(Calendar$, "OLE.CalendarList", Calendars) Labels = "" Labels<-1> = "Personal":@VM:"Blue L=70" Labels<-1> = "Urgent":@VM:"Red L=70" Labels<-1> = "Available":@VM:"Green L=70" Set_Property(Calendar$, "OLE.Labels", Labels) Appts = "" Appts<1, 1> = "PERSONAL" Appts<1, 2> = "10001" Appts<1, 3> = IConv(OConv(Date(), "D4/"):" 8:00AM", "DT") Appts<1, 4> = IConv(OConv(Date(), "D4/"):" 8:30AM", "DT") Appts<1, 5> = "Drycleaning" Appts<1, 6> = "Don't forget to pick up dry cleaning on the way to work." Appts<1, 7> = "Main St." Appts<1, 8> = "Personal" Appts<1, 9> = "OutOfOffice" Appts<1, 10> = "High" Appts<2, 1> = "WORK" Appts<2, 2> = "10002" Appts<2, 3> = IConv(OConv(Date(), "D4/"):" 1:00PM", "DT") Appts<2, 4> = IConv(OConv(Date(), "D4/"):" 3:00PM", "DT") Appts<2, 5> = "Board Meeting" Appts<2, 6> = "Meeting with the Board to discuss next fiscal quarter." Appts<2, 7> = "Conference Call" Appts<2, 8> = "Urgent" Appts<2, 10> = "High" Appts<2, 11> = 0 Appts<2, 12> = 1 Appts<3, 1> = "WORK" Appts<3, 2> = "10003" Appts<3, 3> = IConv(OConv(Date(), "D4/"):" 3:30PM", "DT") Appts<3, 4> = IConv(OConv(Date(), "D4/"):" 4:30PM", "DT") Appts<3, 5> = "Staff Meeting" Appts<3, 6> = "Weekly staff meeting." Appts<3, 7> = "Conference Room" Appts<3, 8> = "Available" Appts<3, 10> = "High" Appts<3, 11> = 0 Appts<3, 12> = 1 Set_Property(Calendar$, "OLE.ApptList", Appts)

    Locked? Yes that's pretty much what I meant, similar to what you can do in the schedule.
    CalendarName? I too was looking for it somewhere. I did entertain the idea that it is there as a precursor to all the other wonderful features that are boiling away but not yet completely functional. If you take the outlook equivalent, you can select and deselect different calendars and they will show or not. Outlook places separate calendars adjacent to each other. If there was some way to distinguish between appointments from different calendars then the ability to change the visibility of a calendar which could effectively just hide the appropriate appointments would have a similar effect.

    I take your point about using it in your own subject or other property. This could work in the right circumstance.
    Of course I'll try and bend the control to fit my needs rather than conform to what it was intended for but I'll assume you knew that already.
  • Version 4.0.3 RC25 is older than Version 4.0.3. I suspect that is your problem. Anytime you see RC (release candidate) following a version number, consider this to be older than the version that is officially released. Get the latest version from the product site and try again. (BTW, I did test your code and it also works.)
  • Familiar with the RC and with being caught out by not having the latest version so I downloaded the latest from the product site before making the original post.
    Took me from RC11 to RC25
  • Ugh...looks like the server version never got updated. My apologies for the inconvenience. We have uploaded the correct version. Please install and test at your convenience and let us know if the colorization is now working.
  • I just checked if I have the latest version of the SrpControls.ocx downloaded today and the copy I have installed is dated 11 Sep 2017.
    I am confused what version I should be running as I downloaded the latest version today and seems to be the same as the one in September last year (18,802,688 bytes)

  • Sorry, Just realised this was posted May last year
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