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New Install of FrameWorks 16.0.x

I am installing FrameWorks on an existing environment by creating a clean install of the FrameWorks application and pointing my main application to inherit from FrameWorks. This version of FrameWorks is 16.0.5 rolled up to 16.0.11.

When I went to test launch the FRW_MAIN form, I had found that the reference material online for the login username and password is not correct. The online reference material says to use all caps (ADMIN), but in reality all lowercase (admin) is what works.

Once I got through the login screen, the FRW_MAIN form's appearance did not look correct. I attached a screenshot. It appears that the event code is not changing the appearance of the buttons and putting them on the button bar correctly. I'm going to look a little closer at the CREATE event code on the FRW_MAIN_EVENTS and see if there is anything that tips me off to why this is happening, but in the meantime do you have any suggestions?

Also, I noticed that when I look at the "About" box, that it is showing version 16.0.5 instead of 16.0.11. Just wondering if this indicates that I didn't install the updates correctly, or maybe just overlooked on the rollup RDKs.


  • For FrameWorks 16, the main window is now FW_MAIN, not FRW_MAIN.
  • The version detail is stored in an APP_INFO record but it might not have been updated in the RDKs I provided you. I would not worry about that.
  • Ok - thanks Kevin and Don. When I open FW_MAIN, the sample window links on the ribbon control are bunched together and none of the links are working. Attached is another screenshot. Any ideas on what is keeping the links from working?
  • Just to clarify, NONE of the links are working, not just the sample forms.
  • I think we should schedule an online support session for this. Something is not right with your setup but I can't easily identify what that is. Email me with your availability today or later this week.
  • Okay - I don't want to jump the gun on this. It looks like there might be something going on with my existing application promoted events that is causing this. When I open the FRAMEWORKS application, the links work properly. I am going to see if I can remove my promoted event handlers and place the code into the FrameWorks architecture for promoted events.
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