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Error in Security Manager

When I am in the Security Manager, and I click on one of the users under Administrator Access, then the program breaks and give the following error: SYS1004: Error loading dictionary item "COMMANDS". The program stack is RTP27, NDW_SECURITY_MANAGER_EVENTS, PROMOTED_EVENTS, etc... I attached a couple screenshots for reference.


  • I did some debugging and found the error occurs on line 599 in the NDW_SECURITY_MANAGER_EVENTS.

    LoadUserCommands: Commands = {COMMANDS} CommandSettings = {COMMAND_SETTINGS}

    I checked the following System Variables
    @DICT = "DICT.MFS3RTP572000000000064APPDATA\REV70000.LK"
    @ID = "Paul"
    @RECORD = Record data for USERS, "Paul"

    I looked at the USERS table and it does not have fields named "COMMANDS" or "COMMAND_SETTINGS", which is probably what is causing the error with RTP27. Any thoughts?
  • Our primary engineer is looking into this for you. He was offsite earlier and did not have a chance to respond right away.
  • From what I am seeing, that looks correct - my copy of the USERS table has all those fields available. You may have an outdated copy. Don passed along your email - I will send you an updated table.
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