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What am I doingt wrong?

I am new to using OLE controls and have just worked out how get MSCAL to work. However I have a heap of SRP Ole controls(acquired for a project that a contractor was doing) that I cant seem to get to work. The controls are in the OI directory. I assumed that all I would need to do would be to put the control name in the OLE control box in a similar manner to MSCAL. However it doesn't work - all I get is an error message 'Navigation to the Web page was cancelled'. What am I doing wrong?


  • The way to reference an OLE control within OpenInsight is to put its ProgID in the Form Designer, not the actual name of the OCX file. I assume that when you were successful with MSCAL, you did not actually put MSCAL in the Form Designer but something more like MSCAL.Calendar.7. Is that correct?

    The Prog IDs for each SRP control are listed on their respect home pages in our technical wiki. For instance, the SRP Button control's home page is:


    In the upper right corner where the info box is located, you'll find the SRP.Button.1 Prog ID. From here you can navigate to the other controls you have and get their respective Prog IDs. That said, all of the controls use a similar pattern for a Prog ID: SRP.ControlName.1.
  • Thanks Don. It works now. However I get and screen that pops up saying that the controls are not registered. I did download the License dll that you send to overwrite the old one, but still get the same message about not being registered.
  • This tells me that your license does not recognize your OpenEngine serial number, which is an outcome I had suggested could still occur. I will email you directly to discuss options on resolving this.
  • Thanks Don, This probably also explains why when I backup my OI system to another computer I get an error message when i try to run the same form -though in this instance the DatePicker does not work and I get the 'Navigation ... ' error.
    Looking forward to your email in due course.
  • Email was sent yesterday.

    This other symptom you described is because the OLE controls are not registered to the other computer. All OCX files need to be registered on each and every machine that will run OI. This is no different than installing the ClientSetup.exe for OI on each machine. This is different from licensing.

    Licensing, on the other hand, only has to be done once and when a proper SRPLicense.dll file is put inside the OI folder it will work for all workstations.
  • Yep. That did it.
    Thanks again
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