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Change Icon Size and Create Menus

We are playing around with the ribbon control to see if we could use it in our main MDI frame. We currently have a row of icons across the top of our MDI Frame. Our icons are a bit larger than the "LargeIcon" in the ribbon control. (I believe our icons are 46 pixels tall) Is there a way to allow the ribbon control to display our icons at full size instead of shrunk down (they don't look good resized)?

Also, we have a fairly extensive menu above our main icons in our MDI frame. Is there a good way to recreate a large number of menu items in the ribbon control? Is it possible to have a menu and the ribbon on the same form?

Thank you!


  • There is a lot that goes into making the Ribbon look correct, so icons need to be 32x32 for the large size and 16x16 for the small size. There is no compromise. Most imaging software can shrink your icons more nicely than the Ribbon will, such as Paint.NET.

    You also cannot have both a Ribbon and a menu. The Ribbon forces the menu to hide. The Ribbon control is not a toolbar. Consider Microsoft Office. There are no menus. Everything is in the ribbon. The point of the Ribbon is to make it easier for users to discover your application's features.

  • Sounds good! Thank you for the quick response, Kevin.
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